Introduction to Unmasked

Unmasked video

Unmasked is a photography project to help end mental health stigma.

There are so many of us living with mental health problems and the more of us that talk about it, the more people will be educated on the subject and realise we are normal people who live with illnesses.

There is a facebook page you can join or you can follow on twitter @jessypaston #unmasked. Please feel free to upload your own photos and talk about your experiences or you can email me directly on if you want to stay anonymous.

I hope through looking through this blog, you realise that it takes great courage to ‘come out’ to the world. I hope you appreciate the effort not only behind the images but in the lives of all the people in the images in living with their illnesses.

Thank you for your support and we hope you will help spread the word and get people to participate.



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