Jessy Paston

This is the hardest thing I have done but at 35 I felt it was time to stop being ashamed and own up to my life experiences and to be me. I know I am not alone in this and felt encouraged and inspired by the many people coming out.

I wanted the photo in sunshine but could not find any, so this has been done in my studio. I am not ready to talk about it more at the moment but feel my story needs and will come out one day. This is something I live with. I have some good and bad days but it does not stop me from being me, in fact, it has helped me to be me seeing the little things in life to be grateful for.

Thank you to my husband and kids for being so supportive and loving me for who I am. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you three. x

Trying to find courage to show my face (and looking for sunshine outside!)

Jessy's sign

Courage found, face showing and feeling very vulnerable but relived to finally take my mask off.


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