Luis Esquivel

Happy birthday to Luis Esquivel…..!!!!! a year in treatment already!!!! (from Regina Palomo)

I don’t have words to express the joy I feel in my heart today, as my family and I celebrate the first year of my brother’s recovery.  He has made us all proud.  It’s been a battle and my family’s strength doesn’t seize to amaze me, as the road has been rocky, but we’ve faced the stormy weather and have come out to the sunshine triumphant.  This is an avocado tree from the hospital my brother stayed at, and where we still go to therapy.  It has seen our tears, pain, anguish… but finally, also our joy, relief and happiness.  I’m proud of us all, especially my brother Luis! ♥ (from Maia Gotz)

Happy one year in treatment to Luis. x



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