A very moving entry from S.

It is hard to take a picture of yourself. I don’t have the support of my family for them to help. I was diagnosed BP in 2004. Previous to the diagnosis I self medicated, spent 18 months in rehab, was sober for some time, married 3 times, had two daughters, attended college to become a special education teacher, while somehow holding it all together. In 2006 I attempted suicide, then followed, hospitalizations, 23 different meds in different combinations, more suicide attempts, ECT for two years, memory loss, now I’m tired and seriously depressed. I continue everyday putting on my mask working with severely autistic students, failing at being a wife and mother, my own mother left my life before the holidays, and now I have discontinued use of all meds. I’m alive still.



10 thoughts on “S M

  1. S M

    Thank you all for your warm words. I know I don’t struggle alone when in the company of others that suffer along side me. I would only wish that in our lives those that surround us could also provide us with that wonderful feeling of belonging. I hope Unmasked can bring us closer to that.
    Be well
    S M

    1. jessypaston Post author

      I am so glad you had the courage to read your post 🙂 We can all hope that one day Unmasking will help everyone. Thank you so much for taking part. ❤


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