Reanne Malett

Great insight to agoraphobia



2 thoughts on “Reanne Malett

  1. Marie

    awesome ! so incredibly true that people who are restricted by the fear of being trapped are being pigeon holed. If the can get out they are deemed fit and well. Not at all the case we can be trapped by time as in appointments, we can be trapped in queues, we can be trapped by being made to stay anywhere for whatever reason, and this invokes severe panic. Panic is not like exam nerves. Panic is paralysis. We shake, our legs weaken and we drop, we sweat so badly , inside our bodies burn feeling asthought we have acid burning away inside us. Our thoughts race so fast we become confused and disorientated, Adrenaline is activated which dashes to the stomach causing cramps and severe pain as though we have food poisoning, we double up in the pain. This then leads to heaving, nausea grows, and our bowels feel as though we imminently need the toilet right now. Sometimes we are sick, sometimes we do defacate in our clothes. The heart pounds so hard we can hear it ringing in our ears, it crushes at our chests we can breathe, we are suffocating, dizziness overwhelms us, on the floor unable to move from pain, disorientation and dizzinness were are paralysed in terror.

    1. jessypaston Post author

      You write so descriptively and have painted a very emotive picture of how it feels. Thank you so much for sharing and educating people on what it can be like. ❤


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